Knockout bugs List 

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Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'nodeType' of nullThis problem was happening because of  binding an HTML element before it was created. the script was loaded on top of the HTML (in the head) but it needed to be loaded at the bottom of my HTML code (just before the closing body tag).

Knockout Computed Observables

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Adding two Numbers  Checkbox Addition   ( Reference ) Using Function Concatination Read Write Example  ( Reference ) Read Write Example 2 Computed Reference Getting the Most out of Knockout.js Computed Observables Another Article .. Read write ( subscriber will be notified when you type in "valid") Pure Computed , read write  Computed vs Pure Computed

Project Management Resources

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- Get over 60 PMP Courses | 116 PDU hours. Just $199 - - 21 Survival Tips that will make you a better PM - - Get ready for the PMP Exam with online and classroom training -  - Easy project, task & time tracking, online! -  - Principles of Project Management - Developing Your Project Skills -  - Intersecting ...

Javascript Exercise’s

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Exercise 1 Create a Grocery store cash register given a total number of items you will be required to calculate  the total bill . Items are priced a few of different was. A given price for each item ex: Boxes of Cheerios are $6.99 A given price of Apples are $2.49 per Pound Items can be on sale where ...

12 GB of Web design templates

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What do need to be successful Web Designer  ? 1. Have the Skills 2. Creativity 3. Design themes and Templates & other design  resources you will have to work on the first two here is access to the Design template and themes Download the  Photoshop Templates & Wordpress Themes from Amazon Cloud Drive       ...