Paintings of the Deccan 1600 – 1700

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A prince in a garden 1670 - 1680

A prince seated on a high chair in his garden is entertained by three girls and one plays Veena, another offers pan, while a third , dressed as a page in European costume of about 1660 offers a glass of wine a fourth girl who embrases a tree

Mohammad Adil Shah (1656 - 72)

This Picture is dated 1640 . The king holds a flower in his right hand and a mango in his left

Tarif - e - Husain Shahi

A persian poem in eleven chapters celebrates he reign of Husain Nizam Shah I (1553 -65) of Ahmadnagar.praise of husain’s chief queen Khanzada Humayun

Mohammad Qutub Shah

The King is seated on the throne .the three Ambassadors present their credentials to the king below are four richly caparisoned Arabian horses led by their pages

Lady with a Myna bird , Golconda 1605

The lady wears the four pointed coat over her pyjama . The large flowers on either side of the lady seem to be inspired by chinese porcelain.

Murtaza II

The prince lies beneath a large tree the two kneeling pages are Abyssinians one massages the prince’s leg, the other offers wine .

Burhan Nizam Shah

Burhan seated in his throne is offering gold to a courtier. A sourd bearer fans the king with a white cloth and a young page offers him pan. both are Abyssinian both men wear the dress in style in deccan , The boy wears six pointed coat fashionable at Akbar’s court

Vasanta Raga

The sanscrit verses describe how Vasanta ( Spring ) is sprayed by young maidens in a mango grove on a kashmiri mountain . praised by string of bees he disports himself on a swing

A Ragini

The two sanscrit verses describe how a lovely woman , her body at ease after love, sings to the accompaniment of her lute

Nujum al-ulum ( Stars of the Sciences)

is an encyclopedia of subjects of 140 aspects of earth . the book is dated 1570 in three places it was owned by Ibrahim II of Bijapur

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